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Dr. Katie Wood

Dr. Katie Wood is a mother, Pharmacist, and Integrative Fertility Coach. She is the founder and CEO of Pharm to Wellness LLC and the brands Happy Nourished Motherhood and The Feminine Formula. Katie helps women over 30 to nourish their minds & body for optimal fertility health so they can consciously and confidently conceive with ease. Katie comes with 8

years of experience as a retail pharmacist, this background in conventional medicine is what first piqued her awareness that people need more intimate coaching toward health and vitality. After experiencing a lack of support and education throughout her fertility and pregnancy journey, she became determined to advocate for women's health. Katie is passionate about supporting and empowering women in their fertility and pregnancy transition into motherhood using her calm,

gentle guidance and taking a holistic approach focusing on nutrition, lifestyle, and mind-body connection.

IG & TikTok: @the_wellness_pharmacist

Podcast:Rising Into Mindful Motherhood

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