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Dr. Matt Rayner

Dr. Matt Rayner is co-founder and co-owner of The Wellness Institute of Dallas where he has been serving patients since 2014. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Dr. Rayner moved to Texas in 2008 where he completed his chiropractic studies and studies in functional neurology and functional medicine. After graduating as Salutatorian in 2011, Dr. Rayner began seeing patients as an associate before opening his dream innovative and integrative healthcare clinic in 2014. For the past 8 years, Dr. Rayner has been fortunate to be able to serve patients suffering from complex chronic health issues, ranging from brain-based injuries to autoimmune conditions to chronic infections to the weekend warrior wanting to maximize their health. Dr. Rayner and The Wellness Institute of Dallas take pride in empowering their patients through education and helping them understand the causes of their complaints while providing innovative patient-specific care.

Dr.Rayner and The Wellness Institute of Dallas have partnered with local NHL alumni and military veterans to ensure their members have access to the latest in progressive neurological rehabilitation and brain-based therapies and metabolic support. When Dr. Rayner is not seeing patients, he enjoys spending time with his wife watching their two daughters play on their small farm outside of Dallas. Dr. Rayner also enjoys staying active, whether it is playing hockey and exercising daily or spending time with his oldest daughter working in their organic vegetable garden.

Dr. Rayner enjoys educating his community and fellow professionals and frequently will host educational events as well as serve as a guest speaker for continuing education courses. In the coming months, Dr. Rayner will be launching his podcast as well as writing his first book to further support his vision of redefining the standard of healthcare in our communities.

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