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Dr. Paul Epstein

As a physician, Dr. Epstein is passionate about helping his patients find authentic and lasting healing.

As a speaker and teacher, Dr. Epstein appears worldwide to help those seeking healing find the right “healing soup” to effectively address their concerns.

As a speaker and teacher for professional healing arts practitioners, Dr. Epstein has taught holistic medicine and counseling on the undergraduate and graduate levels and has trained psychotherapists, social workers, mental health professionals, physicians, nurses, medical students, yoga teachers, and other health care professionals in the art & science of Mind-Body Integrative Medicine.

He is a sought-after speaker and presenter at professional conferences and conventions, especially for Naturopathic organizations.

Dr. Epstein is a prolific author, publishing a number of articles and a mini-book, “Happiness through Meditation.”

Another passion for Dr. Epstein is to offer services as a professional mentor for students and practitioners of the healing arts. He is very passionate about helping all who practice healing arts to become more integrative and holistic in their approaches, regardless of their field of specialty.

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