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Heather Creson

My name is Heather Creson and I’m a massage and bodywork specialist, fitness trainer, and nutrition coach dedicated to helping you heal better, feel better, and be your best!

I began my career in the massage and bodywork industry, which gave me a great entrance into the world of alternative therapies and healing modalities.

I specialize in helping people detox, strengthen their immune systems, and begin healing at the cellular level. My goal is to help people discover the root cause of their health issues rather

than only chase the symptoms of what they are experiencing.

Although having a great team of healthcare providers around you is important, I believe that how you move, nourish, and treat your body on a consistent basis will have a more significant impact on your health long-term.

My goal through everything I teach is to equip you with the right tools so you can approach your healing process with clarity and confidence and get back on track to feeling your best!

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