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Kaytee Hadley

Kaytee is a functional medicine dietitian, holistic health coach, and certified personal trainer. She witnessed firsthand the band-aid approach to healthcare in the U.S. as a teen struggling with anxiety, depression, and chronic gut symptoms... and it almost cost her her life.

After a suicide attempt at 16, she was determined to find true healing for body and mind instead of just managing her symptoms. She studied nutrition, psychology, kinesiology, and functional medicine to find these answers and founded Holistic Health & Wellness to share them with others. She supports people all over the world in addressing the root cause of their gut symptoms naturally using her signature 6-pillar approach, so they can live symptom-free and thrive.

Kaytee is also the co-founder of Pet & Parent Longevity where she and her zoologist partner provide education to 2.0 pet parents on how to create a longevity lifestyle so they can live younger and longer, together.

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