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Sabrina Carter

Sabrina Carter is a licensed physician assistant and certified exercise physiologist and the Founder of My Prevention Rx. Holistic health, spiritual well-being, and disease prevention are

some of her greatest passions. It's not just what she teaches, it's how she lives her life. Sabrina loves to encourage and empower high-achieving women, through her mentorship and podcast. She shares her expertise to help them have vibrant health, endless energy & permanent weight loss so they can feel their best and make a bigger impact in the world.

As a medical professional for more than a decade, she feels the number of preventable diseases she encounters to be unacceptable. Often related to women sacrificing their health for their businesses and family, she is committed to helping women prevent the suffering that goes along with a diagnosis. Her favorite prescription to write is one to help you achieve optimal health now so you can accomplish all of your wildest dreams and enjoy your success.

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